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Illustrate the future with Generative AI

We are teaching AI how to Draw.

The field of Generative AI has undergone immense progress in automated machine learning and software engineering. Starting in 2010, the team behind Squigl has pursued the creative potential of technology, artificial intelligence and storytelling.

Drawings are older than text by more than 1,000,000 Years. 

Humankind started using symbols, icons and glyphs to communicate in our earliest days. Cave paintings and hieroglyphics and painted codices are examples from the near-ancient world which were entirely pictorial and illustrative in mode. The oldest petroglyphs extant today have been estimated to date back as far as 1,000,000 years or more BCE (before the current era).

Ancient written scripts such as Sanskrit, Arabic or Cuneiform did not emerge until the late neolithic period
(approx 3200BCE in Sumeria).  Some would argue the earliest scripts were in fact pictorial.

Therefore, the arrival of the Printing Press and written text (1440CE) may be an inflection point. The inundation of printed word has led to misuse, abuse, and fraud (and other ailments) plaguing today’s media landscape.

In short, this means the human mind is hardwired with an asymmetric preference
for illustrative visual language (aka: drawing!).

So how does all of this apply to Squigl AI? These are our roots.

Now, let’s look into the future together.


Scribology™ is a proven storytelling methodology which meets at the confluence of technology, artistry, and storytelling. It’s the heart of every product we ship. This method has equipped over 5,000 projects with undeniable competitive advantage. What makes this method so effective, engaging and memorable?

 At the company’s inception, we knew that artistry, science, and storytelling are a competitive edge, and we set out to ensure our clients captured the highest value of this timeless medium: Illustration.
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